Taking classes with Christine has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. When I began her Floor, Core and More class 3 years ago, I couldn’t do knee bends or lunges without knee pain. Now I do them painlessly!  Christine is passionate about fitness and it shows. Her classes and training routines are challenging, motivating and fun. I look forward to every session I have with her.”

– Sue Pescatore

I met Christine back in 2017, after having 2 major heart surgeries in a 7-month period. When I was ready to begin my outpatient maintenance program, it was Christine who cheerfully greeted my wife and me, and since that day she has been totally awesome for both of us. She immediately customized exercise programs that worked great for both of us, and she was always eager to answer any questions, and suggest helpful changes as needed. I was so impressed with Christine‘s professionalism, that I hired her to be my personal fitness coach. Christine is like the perfect ‘blend’ of physical fitness coach, nutritionist, counselor, and friend, and she sprinkles in a fun sense of humor and a healthy dose of spiritual insights! In a nutshell, Christine is the ‘total package’, and I could not be happier! I feel very lucky to have her as my coach!!!”

– Joseph Perry

Christine is such a ray of sunshine and a force for good. She has so much knowledge and experience and she seems to be constantly learning and using all of that to try and help people. I absolutely love her program, which has saved me from traveling along a much less healthy path through middle age. Her attitude toward life in general, though, is an inspiration.”

– Anna Carl

I first met Christine almost 20 years ago when she was my step aerobics instructor. I had already adapted what I thought was a healthy lifestyle – eating well, exercising regularly, maintaining a good weight. I had no idea how much I didn’t know and that there was so much more to learn until I started working with Christine. Christine educates me with nutrition, physical health and well-being information regularly. She is an encyclopedia of health and wellness. When I take classes with Christine, she challenges me with new routines that make me a stronger and healthier person. She helps me maintain consistency, accountability and over-all wellness. She is my instructor, teacher, mentor, consultant and most importantly “Friend for Life.” I feel blessed and lucky to know her.”

– Patty Logan

When my weight hit a peak of 177 lbs on my (almost) 5’3” frame, I asked my doctor for help. She said I was prediabetic and put me on Metformin which allowed my body to start releasing the weight it had been holding onto for dear life! I also dialed back on my calorie intake and within a little over a year I was at about 119 pounds (I’m also no longer prediabetic or on Metformin.) Enter: Christine! Even though I didn’t have any loose skin, I was not happy with how flabby my body looked after being at such a high weight and I longed to firm up and improve my appearance. I started training with Christine in February 2020. Now it’s May 2020, and I’m so excited about the changes I’m seeing in myself! Not only is body appearance dramatically changing for the better and my measurements are coming down — my strength is unlike ever before! My weight is currently about 114 lbs and I’m noticeably smaller and more compact!

But there is more! Shortly before starting training I had been spending most of my time in a wheelchair as well because of an illness known as POTS which makes your heart beat too fast and for me, would make me faint or almost faint, whenever I was standing. I am now SELLING my wheelchair and feeling amazing! The other day I went to pick up a package at my apartment complex that turned out to be 23 lbs., and I was able to carry it all the way from the fourth floor to the sixth to my apartment!

My next goal is to really start seeing some muscle definition and muscle growth as I continue on with Christine! She has given me unwavering support and shares her great skill at achieving a stronger, leaner body with the appropriate workouts. And she always takes into account how I am feeling, in case I’m having a more difficult day with my POTS acting up. I’m very grateful to her and can’t wait for the changes still to come!!”

– Beth Anderson