Christine Woods, MSEd.,

With Knowledge and Motivation, Anyone Can Change His or Her Life!

My name is Christine Woods, and I enthusiastically support your commitment to achieving greater wellness! Your wellness goals are unique.  Successful pursuit of these goals requires a personalized plan structured to integrate lifestyle change into your life and that of your family.  Slow, progressive change in achievable steps will make your wellness effort a success and avoid self-defeating strategies and false hopes.  With education comes knowledge and once you are “in the know” you will understand how to approach those obstacles standing in the way of good health and happiness.  You will be able to create your own fool-proof plan for an alternative way of living, a way that will fuel you, empower you and bring you greater success and happiness!

I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and fitness professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the allied health and fitness fields.  My experience has taught me that the foundation of lifestyle change is knowledge and motivation.  With knowledge and motivation, anyone can change his or her life!  Understanding metabolism, food fueling and the power of the almighty mindset will assure a winning plan.  Follow that plan and success will follow.  Hard work and sacrifice cannot be avoided, but – with appropriate support and guidance – your life will take a new, positive and rewarding direction.

I invite you to be part of an effective wellness effort.  As your coach, I will help you facilitate change in your life.  Working together we will set goals, identify obstacles, develop a strategic plan, and achieve your desired outcome!  The lack of a supportive and guiding relationship with an educated and experienced professional coach may be the obstacle that prevents you from achieving optimal health and heightened well-being. If you will bring motivation and commitment to our endeavor, I will provide the support and guidance to insure your success.

Yours in good health,

Christine Woods, MSEd, ACSM-CCEP, CSCS

See how peoples lives are changing!

Patty Logan

Group Exercise Participant

Christine makes every class a unique experience.  Her classes are ALWAYS entertaining and a great workout, but safety is also a very strong focus.  I am never bored and that’s what keeps me motivated and coming back.”

Mike Vance

Nutrition Education Class Participant

I recently participated in a Nutrition Education program instructed by Christine. Christine’s easy to understand explanations helped me lower my blood pressure, eat more sensibly and loose some extra pounds. Thanks to Christine and this program, I am well on my way to being more healthy.”

Tayler Hayes

Student Intern

Professor Woods is very knowledgeable and skilled in multiple areas of fitness and education.  One thing I have learned from her is to not limit myself, and instead take advantage of as many opportunities as I can so that I can be competitive, well-rounded and successful in my future career.”