Online Training

Online Training

I offer 3 different programs to help you reach your goals. Not sure which to choose? I can help. Let’s talk and find the best fit for you.

Click on each option to see what is included.


A “Do It Yourself Option”


For the client looking to:

  • Build a stronger, more shapely physique
  • Discover greater body confidence
  • Develop better movement and total body function
  • Reduce body fat
  • Workout within the time constraints of daily life
  • Prioritize health and overall well-being

Programming is developed with your goals in mind. Workouts update every 4 weeks and include routines to “take to the gym” and/or perform at home. Clients are welcomed into a private Facebook community where they will find camaraderie, ongoing support, and access to training demos and live broadcasts on fitness, nutrition and mindset related topics.

$29.00/month ($87 for first 3 months then $29/month)


Coach/Client Collaboration


For the client looking to:

Have goal-oriented training and online community (as described in option 1) including the added benefit of coach/client collaboration. This option includes weekly e-mail “check-ins” to ensure client consistency and program adherence. Check-ins also allow coach and client to work together and better customize exercise programming for client fitness level, unique lifestyle and personal goals.

$49.00/month ($147 for first 3 months then $49/month)


Customized Programming


For the client looking for:

Customized programming, training programs are created and delivered via the NASM Edge mobile app. The NASM Edge mobile app delivers customized workouts on an easy-to-use platform. Clients can be assessed, goals can be set and updated, and progress can be tracked via app. App includes an extensive video library with a variety of exercises to address the goals, fitness level and equipment available to client.  This option includes weekly e-mail “check-ins” to ensure client consistency and program adherence and access to our private Facebook community.

Starting at $69.00/month ($207 for first 3 months then $69/month)


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