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Welcome to Christine Woods Fitness!  I’m so happy the day has finally arrived for me to launch this site and begin sharing my knowledge and real life experiences with you.  I am so passionate about being an educator but figuring out what that looked like outside my life in academia has taken me awhile.

But a year and a half later I bring you this. Christine Woods Fitness, LLC is ME doing what I do best – teaching fitness and healthy lifestyle.  With 20 plus years in the field, I have plenty to offer my current clients, new clients and the personal trainers and group exercise instructors who need continuing education. I’m NOT looking to train any of you, but I am looking to teach all of you.

I feel very fortunate that this has come together at this time.  And it is not without the help of others that I have arrived here.  I have learned from amazing mentors and presenters in the fitness industry.  All of who have given me their time, so that I could one day be my own person of influence in the fitness arena.  Erica Almodovar, Lauri Reimer, Cathy Savage, Sherry Catlin, Petra Kolber, Shannon Fable, Dorette Nysewander, Gail Bannister-Mumm, you have all made yourselves available to me and have helped guide me in one way or another.  Thank you!  And THANK YOU, my readers, for your interest in Christine Woods Fitness.  Hoping we have an opportunity to connect and work together.

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  1. Congratulations Christine! Wishing you much success!

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