What I Do

I recently attended a fitness convention, one I have been attending for years. Typically, I attend because I hope to come away with some new ideas I can implement in my fitness classes. I also enjoy learning about some of the newest supplements and nutrition products on the market. Simply catching up with the latest in fitness trends and equipment keeps me up-to-date which is important in this ever-changing fitness industry!

May Marks 1 Year!

May 8, 2016 marks one year since Vivian’s diagnosis with Type I Diabetes. I feel like I have very little recollection of the 6 months post diagnosis, yet I can recall with clarity every detail about those 3 days when we lived at Sinai Hospital. A moment in time I will never forget. My then, 6 year old daughter Vivian, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes on May 8, 2015.