Fitting in Fitness

Finding the time to exercise can be hard. And it’s especially frustrating when the motivation is there but the time just isn’t!

One easy solution is to find exercises that can literally be done at your desk. If you find yourself seated most of the day, consider sets of compound, body weight exercises, performed through out the day. Compound exercises involve multiple muscles and joints and are highly beneficial. These exercises which may include squats, push-ups and tricep dips, place great demand on the body, ultimately producing metabolic effects.

Light dumbbells and bands can be inconspicuously kept at your desk and offer a variety of exercise options. But exercises involving no equipment and simply body weight can also be extremely effective.

Don’t stress over how you can fit exercise in. Instead, consider a format like this, which can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

Here are 3 that use your body weight and a chair.

  • Push ups
  • Tricep dips
  • Sit-to-stand

Pick your exercises (or use the ones pictured) and do 1 exercise for 1 minute at the top of every hour. You may not be able to do continuous repetitions for a full minute at the beginning, but complete as many as you can and slowly add repetitions as you become stronger.

Try the following exercises whenever and wherever you can. Remember, don’t get hung up on number of repetitions or sets completed. Just aim for consistency, some exercise every day.

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